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The Top 10 Financial Mistakes Airline Pilots Made in 2020

As your experience makes you a better pilot, our experience makes us better advisors. As I look back on 2020, I want to share the top 10 mistakes that we saw airline pilots make. My hope is that everyone learns from mistakes such as these.

Will The Election Affect Your Investments?

During our financial lives, we encounter many events that we think might interrupt our planning goals and disrupt our investments. Elections represent many of those events. This election season seems more contentious than ever.

Is Your Portfolio Personalized or One Size Fits All?

“Are you a conservative, moderate, or aggressive investor?”  Some investment firms avoid talking about clients’ life goals and personal investment preferences by using the question as a catch all substitute, saving them time and money potentially at the client’s expense.

Working Toward Recovery

How hard are you working toward your personal financial recovery, toward getting back to your financial normal? Have you taken a moment to assess these things?

Planning For an Uncertain Future

With airline schedules cut back and airplanes grounded all over the world, it would be natural for you to be concerned about your job.  In order to help manage the stress, try to focus on things you can control.

Are Your Retirement Finances In A Holding Pattern?

Executives predict that it may be mid-decade before the industry recovers. It’s tough to know what to do next. Especially if you are closing in on mandatory retirement.

Do You Know What You Spend Each Month?

Many people don’t. Here is why this is important.

Social Security And The “Early Out”

Throughout the industry, pilots have been offered early retirement packages.  One of your biggest decisions will be when to start Social Security payments. Here are some quick facts and tips to help you work through that decision.

What Happens If You Fly West Without An Estate Plan?

Although estate planning is one of the key areas of planning, many pilots come to us with no estate plan or an estate plan that hasn’t been reviewed in years, and in some cases decades.  Why is it that we often find estate planning neglected?

Will Long Term Care Actually Be Necessary?

One of the bigger financial risks during retirement is unexpected long term care costs. What exactly is long term care? The need for short or long term services to help people live as independently as possible when they no longer can perform everyday activities on their own.