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WealthVision is intended for the pilot who isn’t quite ready for a full-time advisor but wants to begin making progress toward his or her financial goals. Participants in this program will have access to their own personalized secure website where they can view their entire financial picture in one place: investment and bank accounts, company 401k plan, insurance and even important goals. Pilots will have the ability to store important documents, such as estate plans, tax returns, financial documents, copies of passports, etc. in a secure online vault. And since pilots spend a lot of time on the road, it is mobile friendly!

WealthVision members will also receive our monthly WealthVision newsletter full of information to help you make more informed financial decisions. And, very important, WealthVision costs are waived for current and retired airline pilots.

Optional services (additional cost) available to WealthVision members:
  1. Consultation with an advisor on an as needed basis. Price reduced 25% from our normal hourly rate
  2. 401k investment advice
  3. Lower cost investment solution for investments held apart from the company 401k plan
For pilots wanting to move forward with planning but are not quite sure how to start, WealthVision fits the bill. This is not a trial offer….your membership cost is permanently waived.

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