Retirement Income Planning

Create retirement income strategies and determine what accounts to withdraw from.

You and your spouse (if married) might spend 25-30 years in retirement. That’s a long time to be responsible for generating a reliable and predictable income stream. That’s a long time to be monitoring and adjusting your investment strategy to your income needs and investment market changes. That’s a long time to have to endure all of the different risks and shocks to the economy and your investments. There is little room for error. And a big error at the beginning of retirement can have a ripple effect on the rest of your retirement.

We understand the complexity of retirement because we help pilots with it every day. Our process will help you identify where your income will come from. We will help you develop an investment strategy that is tied to your income needs. We will help you understand and address the risks to your various income streams. We will develop a recession plan specific to your situation. And, we will review this every year so that your plan continues to project a high probability of meeting your goal…of not running out of money.

****No strategy assures success or protects against loss.  Investing involves risk including loss of principal.