What Makes Us Different?

We don’t just claim to be different……we ARE different – here’s how:

You Are Important

At many of the big companies, clients are no more than another number. In fact, some companies even refer to their clients as “accounts.” Not here. When you call, we will know you. We will know your family. And we will never ask for an account number.

Each Pilot’s Needs Are Different

Unlike many advisors, we don’t already have a solution for a client’s problems before they walk in the door. All clients are different. You don’t fall into an investment category. You will be paired with advisors with the expertise to address your concerns, not drop you in a “bucket”.

Planning, Guidance, and Advice

We will provide you with Planning, Guidance and Advice along with Professional Investment Management. Planning to help you make progress toward your goals and address known risks. Guidance to help you stay on track. Advice specific to your situation when you need it.

We Connect Areas of Your Financial Life

Most families have multiple advisors working in different areas of their financial life: tax, insurance, investments, retirement, estate planning, etc. We’ve created Integrated Wealth Management, a process that helps you balance and connect all of these services of your personal life under one umbrella – saving you time, energy, and money.

Wings Wealth Management and LPL Financial do not provide tax and legal advice or services.