Our Story

You may be wondering how we started working with pilots and their families. Well, here’s the story. Our founder, Todd Curry, started flying when he was 22 and was hired as a pilot by Piedmont Airlines in the 1980s. He worked with the company for many years as it morphed into USAir and US Airways flying the F28, B-737, B-757/767, and A320. Some of his favorite moments came while working in training, helping his colleagues learn the ins and outs of the Airbus.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Todd was forced to make a career change and successfully transitioned into financial planning and investment management. Although he can remember wanting to be an airline pilot as early as age 5, Todd always had a fascination with personal finance and even studied it in graduate school. His first clients were many of his former colleagues from the flight deck, and these first clients remain part of our client family today.

Todd’s passion for helping airline pilots is driven by his love of aviation and flying as well the incredible enjoyment that comes with working with fellow pilots. Todd is also motivated from his own experience in the industry.

Todd witnessed first-hand the impact that mergers, bankruptcies, downsizings, furloughs, work rule changes, pay cuts and medical problems had on his colleagues. He watched as his friends and colleagues bore the stress that these unexpected and uncontrollable events had on their families. Many pilots were not financially prepared to deal with the unpredictable fallout associated with these events. Others, who were not as financially impacted, were still affected in that many put off their planning due to the uncertainty around their careers and their own airline’s financial health.

Pilots are typically married to their airline until their final flight. They have little real control over the trajectory of their careers and earning potential. Salaries and benefits are negotiated by someone else. Management can make or break the airline. For pilots, proper planning is key. Having the right resources is critical. There is little room for error.

So, 16 years ago, we harnessed Todd’s passion and built a wealth management firm just for you. The professional airline pilot.

To help you plan and make progress toward your goals. To help you understand and address risks. To provide disciplined investment management. To help you make well thought out financial decisions. To be there when things go well. To be there when things go wrong. Our team understands what you do and why you do it. We understand your contracts, your work rules, your benefits, and your lifestyle because it’s all we do.

We share your passion, we share your drive, we share your ambition. And we’ll get there together.